Kids like looking after the environment once they can relate to the issues. Learn how to help your children understand energy efficiency.


The Future of Your Lawn

29 September 2014
Environmental, Blog

In today's society of water scarcities and financial concerns, the tradition of mowing, watering and maintaining an immaculately green lawn is becoming a less popular one. Though many people have some use for their grassy lawns for family barbecues and a safe area for a child to play, most grassy areas sit untouched, scorched by the sun and using precious water when it could be used elsewhere. So this begs the question: What are the alternatives to a traditional lawn?
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What To Expect From A Working At Heights Training Program

10 September 2014
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

In general, working at heights can be described as any activity that may pose a danger of falling and causing injury or may lead to items falling from above and causing harm to those below. Just like the name suggests, working at heights training is a brief course that seeks to educate people working at heights, below or above ground, on how to avoid different hazards. This article gives you an overview of this training so that you may know what it entails and its benefits.
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Encouraging children to save energy

Kids like the idea of looking after the environment as soon as they can relate to the issues. I have been working on ways to make sure that my kids understand that the ways that they can help the environment, and how important small changes can be to save energy and the environment. They are some of the biggest cheerleaders of energy efficiency once they have understood how important it is. This blog has tips on how to teach children about saving energy as well as some resources to help provide positive reinforcement when they do save energy at home.