The Future of Your Lawn

Kids like looking after the environment once they can relate to the issues. Learn how to help your children understand energy efficiency.

The Future of Your Lawn

The Future of Your Lawn

29 September 2014
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In today's society of water scarcities and financial concerns, the tradition of mowing, watering and maintaining an immaculately green lawn is becoming a less popular one. Though many people have some use for their grassy lawns for family barbecues and a safe area for a child to play, most grassy areas sit untouched, scorched by the sun and using precious water when it could be used elsewhere.

So this begs the question: What are the alternatives to a traditional lawn?

Go Edible

Some have taken to replacing their lawns entirely, opting for a property full of fresh, home-grown, edible fruits and vegetables. While this is an extremely wise and cost effective decision, it also requires quite a bit of maintenance, and many people do not have the time nor the patience to commit to such a task.

It can be a smart decision, though, for those who are willing to put the effort into this task, and as an added perk, you will be left with fresh fruit and vegetables to enjoy!

If this does not fit your lifestyle or schedule, there is a second option: 

The Rocky Road

Another alternative many have opted for is the complete removal of their grass in favour of a paved space or stones. While this eliminates the maintenance problem, many people find this convenient option to be rather unattractive looking. While this is ultimately down to personal opinion, there cannot be any doubt that this option is the easiest to maintain.

So if neither of the above options suit you, what are your options?

The answer is simple: synthetic grass. This alternative provides the same safe place for family fun and the same aesthetic appeal without the hassle and added cost that comes with traditional grass. For many, it is the easiest answer to a growing problem in warm and cold climates alike.

By replacing your grass with turf, you are eliminating the need for traditional lawn maintenance. After the cost of installation, there is no further cost involved, and artificial grass can last for up to ten years with proper care. 

Maintenance on artificial grass is minimal, with the only recommended care being to ensure that the turf is clear of dirt and leaves as often as possible. 

Whether your concerns are financial, environmental, or for ease of upkeep, the turf lawn is widely considered the wisest choice for the future of your lawn. 

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