Why Manufacturers Should Audit Their Cooling Tower Systems

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Why Manufacturers Should Audit Their Cooling Tower Systems

Why Manufacturers Should Audit Their Cooling Tower Systems

17 November 2016
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Keeping cool isn't just something for families to worry about when Sydney's temperatures soar into the 40s. It's something that all industrial managers need to think about. The way you cool your production facilities impacts upon many key aspects of everyday operations, from energy and water efficiency to how well you can deal with production spikes, making it vital to keep your cooling towers in peak condition. With that in mind, here are three reasons to audit your cooling systems.

Make Your Production Processes as Energy Efficient as Possible

All manufacturing processes generate heat. Whether you are in the business of baking bread, producing finished stone for patios or making children's toys, the machinery you use inevitably gives off heat energy, and the way you handle that energy can have big dividends for your bottom line.

Cooling systems are essential on a practical level, keeping machinery within a safe temperature range, but they are also a way to save money. By updating your cooling towers, you can radically reduce the amount of energy your processes emit to the outside world. This energy can be used to do a number of things, from generating heat for your buildings to cooling your plant more effectively via heat exchangers.

When you call in cooling tower mechanical services, professionals can advise you about how to harness as much of the heat your plant produces as possible, driving down the cost of production and helping the environment at the same time.

Save Water by Maintaining your Cooling Systems Properly

Energy isn't the only valuable commodity your cooling systems can conserve. Water is just as important, especially in Australia, where large parts of the country suffer from water stress at any given time.

Every year, Australian businesses extract around 92,237 GL of water from the environment to keep their processes running. Saving just a fraction of that amount can divert water to households, where it is often sorely needed, and cut costs for the industry as well.

If you use a closed or open circuit cooling system, it's vital to ensure that your pipework is properly maintained and that no leaks develop. If you discover any flaws, installing cooling tower spare parts as soon as possible will help to prevent major spills and water losses and keep your operations as water efficient as possible.

Installing side stream filtration systems is another wise move in systems that are vulnerable to water contamination. The purer your water, the more efficiently heat exchangers will function.

Cope With Production Surges when your Business Expands

Cooling systems aren't just a route to energy and water efficiency. They are also essential to successfully expanding your manufacturing operations.

Think of it this way. At your current level of production, your old systems are probably well adapted to keep your production lines adequately cooled, but how would they cope if you rapidly had to increase your production volumes or add additional processing machinery to your plant?

Updating your cooling towers and building in extra capacity to cover expansion is just smart business and will enable you to grow your business without worrying about machinery malfunctions through overheating.

In the modern world, efficient industries are competitive industries, and cooling systems are one way that almost all manufacturers can boost their market position. If you rely on cooling towers, it could be time for an overhaul or, at the very least, an audit of your cooling tower spare parts. It's an easy win for efficiency and it could help you expand, so there's no reason to delay.

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