When to Have a Residential Storm Water Pit Emptied and Inspected

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When to Have a Residential Storm Water Pit Emptied and Inspected

When to Have a Residential Storm Water Pit Emptied and Inspected

21 September 2016
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A residential storm water pit can help protect your home from water damage caused by rainwater collecting around the home's foundation. If rainwater doesn't drain away from your home properly, it puts pressure on the foundation which, in turn, can cause cracks to form. Water can also eventually soften a concrete slab so that it begins to crack under the weight of the home, allowing the home to shift and settle. 

If you do have a storm water pit on your property, you need to have it emptied, cleaned, and inspected regularly. Note when this should be done and why it's so important.

When storms are coming

It's easy to think that a storm water pit should be cleaned out only after a storm, but if you know strong storms are about to arrive in your area, it's good to have the pit emptied first. This will ensure there is room in the pit for the rainwater your property is about to get; this also gives your contractor a chance to examine and inspect your storm water pit for needed repairs. If there are cracks in the pit or in any of the pipes connected to it, it's good to have those repaired before the rains arrive.

When your grass is suddenly very green

When a storm water pit overflows or has damage that allows water to seep out, the water may get absorbed by the grass above it; the grass may then suddenly look very green. This may seem like a good thing, but note that this extra rainwater in your soil could also be collecting around your home's foundation, as mentioned above. Rather than assuming that your lawn is absorbing all the water that may be leaking out of the storm water pit, have the pit and all the pipes connected to it inspected for damage and repaired as needed.

When a well overflows

If your storm water pit overflows or has leaks, this water may make its way to any wells you have on your property, and the well then overflows. The reverse is also true; if a well on your property is overflowing for any reason, this extra water may make its way back to your storm water pit, and then it will overflow. In all cases, if you have any problem with a well on your property, check the storm water pit at the same time and have it emptied, cleaned, and inspected as needed.

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