Kids like looking after the environment once they can relate to the issues. Learn how to help your children understand energy efficiency.


Checking Salt Levels of Bore Water is Integral

15 July 2015
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Since bore water is a natural resource, it only makes sense that there are some risks associated with using it as your only source of water. It is possible for bore water to be a usable water source, but there are risks that must be acknowledged. Having a bore well professionally drilled is the best way to prevent any issues with this water supply. Using bore water is designed to be an alternative instead of using your drinking water supply:
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Kids like the idea of looking after the environment as soon as they can relate to the issues. I have been working on ways to make sure that my kids understand that the ways that they can help the environment, and how important small changes can be to save energy and the environment. They are some of the biggest cheerleaders of energy efficiency once they have understood how important it is. This blog has tips on how to teach children about saving energy as well as some resources to help provide positive reinforcement when they do save energy at home.