Checking Salt Levels of Bore Water is Integral

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Checking Salt Levels of Bore Water is Integral

Checking Salt Levels of Bore Water is Integral

15 July 2015
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Since bore water is a natural resource, it only makes sense that there are some risks associated with using it as your only source of water. It is possible for bore water to be a usable water source, but there are risks that must be acknowledged.

Having a bore well professionally drilled is the best way to prevent any issues with this water supply. Using bore water is designed to be an alternative instead of using your drinking water supply:

Not Treated Water Designed for Domestic Use Only

Bore water is extracted from the ground after hard rains and is simply an alternative to using drinking water for domestic use. It is not intended to be consumed and is not treated. There is a risk associated with drinking this water, because it is not intended to be used for this purpose. The colour of bore water is similar to the colour of water from the drinking supply, but they are not one in the same.

Limited Supply of Bore Water Available

Another important characteristic of bore water that you need to understand is the supply that is available. There is not an unlimited supply of this type of water. Bore water drilling that leads to the installation of a bore water well provides a limited supply only.

The amount of rainfall that occurs has an impact on the supply amount that is accessible. It is also dependent on the amount of rainfall water that is actually absorbed into the aquifiers. The auqifiers are placed in the ground to absorb the bore water, but the amount of absorption varies.

What Happens When High Amounts of Fresh Water is Removed?

Removing high amounts of fresh water from the aquifiers within the bore well will enable seawater to build up. Having seawater within the aquifiers is a big risk, because this can lead to contamination of the water supply. The process of getting rid of all seawater from the aquifiers is very time consuming. Not only is analysing the amount of seawater levels necessary, but extracting it is a grueling process.

Saltwater Levels and Garden Use

Using bore water that has been infiltrated with sea water is not safe for garden use. Water with high salt levels can be hazardous to plants and is not the ideal option. This means that monitoring the salt levels is key. Bore water does not contain any salt unless rainfall amounts are low and seawater fills the space. Levels of bore water are overseen by the DNRM for the government in power.

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