Questions to Ask When Renting a Cheap Skip Bin

Kids like looking after the environment once they can relate to the issues. Learn how to help your children understand energy efficiency.

Questions to Ask When Renting a Cheap Skip Bin

Questions to Ask When Renting a Cheap Skip Bin

13 September 2016
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Renting a cheap skip bin can be a good way to manage the rubbish created during a home renovation, major cleanup project and even when doing some landscaping around the home. A cheap skip bin is usually affordable for any homeowner and costs less money than the fines you might face if you let too much rubbish collect outside your home. When you are ready to rent, note a few questions to ask so you can ensure you get the right bin for your needs.

Ask how much weight it can manage

Many cheap skip bins are lightweight and may be no bigger than standard wheelie bins, and they may have caster wheels to make it easier to move them around your property. However, this can also mean that they're too lightweight for items like broken concrete or asphalt roofing tiles. These heavier items, especially when all in one bin, might break the casters or otherwise damage a cheap skip bin. Ask about weight restrictions or any restrictions as to the materials you can put in your skip bin so you know you won't weigh it down or cause damage.

Ask if it can be used inside

A cheap skip bin is usually much smaller and more lightweight than a large rubbish bin you might see at a commercial facility, but this doesn't necessarily mean it can be used inside. Some bins will have caster wheels that will leave marks behind and easily tear up tile floor or carpeting. They may be meant for use on concrete or soil outside the home, with the possible exception of a garage, mudroom and the like. If you want to bring a wheelie bin in the home, always ask if the casters are safe for your particular flooring surfaces.

Ask if the company recycles

Even when getting a cheap skip bin, you may not want all the items you toss out to wind up in a landfill. Many companies will recycle the items that get put into a bin before they take anything to a landfill, and this can be a good option even if you're tossing out items like clothes, old furniture, broken appliances and the like. Many of these pieces can be recycled if they're picked apart when brought back to the bin company, so ask about recycling options if you want to make the most eco-friendly choice for your skip bin rental.

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