Increase Employee Productivity And Reduce Sick Days With These Five Surprising And Easy Ideas

Kids like looking after the environment once they can relate to the issues. Learn how to help your children understand energy efficiency.

Increase Employee Productivity And Reduce Sick Days With These Five Surprising And Easy Ideas

Increase Employee Productivity And Reduce Sick Days With These Five Surprising And Easy Ideas

27 October 2014
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Want to inspire your employees to work harder? Want to reduce sick days, boost concentration and improve your company's overall productivity levels? Here is a look at five surprising and relatively easy ways to do that:

1. Install a Water Cooler

Installing an office water cooler is an effective and simple way to keep your employees healthy and focused. Even losing just 1.5 percent of your body's normal water volume can make a person feel crabby, unfocused and tired. By having fresh, cold water easily available to your employees, you help them to avoid fatigue and stay productive.

2. Hire A Commercial Cleaning Crew

The cleaner your office is, the more your workers should be able to focus. There is a huge body of research showing how cleaning different parts of your office can help your employees in different ways.

For example, one study shows that removing air pollutants from your office increases worker accuracy and productivity, while another study shows that getting rid of office clutter can help your employees to focus better. Whether you hire professional cleaners to clean the dust out of the carpet or to organise office clutter, you should see benefits in your staff. Contact a commercial cleaning service, such as Q Clean Pty Ltd, to discuss the services they can provide for you.

3. Offer Free Gym Memberships As A Perk

Free gym memberships are a great perk that can help attract talent to your company, but time at the gym can also protect your bottom line. When your employees exercise on a regular basis, they will naturally have more energy and a stronger immune system. If you want to make workouts even easier for them, consider letting them exercise on the clock for three 30-minute sessions per week.

4. Replace Your Snack Food Vending Machine With Healthy Options

If you have a vending machine in your office, consider replacing it with one that offers healthy snacks. Instead of your employees getting a quick sugar rush and crash from the snacks in your machine, invite them to enjoy a boost of iron, a protein-filled snack or another healthy alternative. This will keep their energy levels up so that they can provide you with the level of work you need.

5. Let Them Play With Their Phones

Having a team full of people playing games and checking their social media accounts on their smartphones may not sound productive, but new research says that taking short smartphone breaks can help workers. A few minutes with their favourite pocket-sized devices can make workers happier, more relaxed and more productive.


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