Four Landscape Supplies for Creating a Year-Round Vegetable Garden

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Four Landscape Supplies for Creating a Year-Round Vegetable Garden

Four Landscape Supplies for Creating a Year-Round Vegetable Garden

16 October 2014
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Creating a form of self-reliance is a concept that is catching on around the world. Having the ability to provide fresh vegetables and fruit for your family can be an achievable goal, even in suburban areas. If you are considering creating a year-round vegetable garden as part of your new landscape design, consider these four supplies that will make your journey to self-reliant gardening easier.


You may have overlooked the idea of a greenhouse because of the misconception that all greenhouses are huge. The truth is, there are several styles and sizes of greenhouses you can use. Some will fit on your patio and contain only a few shelves, while others can be as large or larger than a traditional tool shed.

Regardless of the type of greenhouse you choose, these are vital tools in creating a year-round vegetable garden that can withstand various weather conditions. If you have extreme weather conditions, you may choose to use a greenhouse for certain seasonal planting, such as during the winter. You may also use a greenhouse to start seedlings that need a firmer and more controlled temperature for development.

Planting Rotation Chart

Having a planting rotation chart may not seem like a useful tool, but if you want to have a year-round garden, it is vital. These type of charts tell you what is best to plant during various times of year and weather conditions. They also tell you when to harvest certain vegetables and what types of soil to use. This will also help you plan for the upcoming season and determine what may grow best for your family needs.

Raised Garden Bed Supplies

You may find that you need to create raised garden beds as part of your self-reliant landscaping projects. If this is the case, you will want to have the supplies to build the gardens as well as repair them. These supplies are easy to obtain if you choose to use raised garden bed kits. The kits come with everything you need to create the raised beds and can be put together quickly. You can use these in a greenhouse or in an outdoor landscape garden area.

Post Hole Digger

A post hole digger is a vital tool for any landscaper or gardener. The ideal option is an adjustable post hold digger than can dig holes for plant bulbs as well as for shrubs and larger plants that are ready for pot to ground transitioning. Remember to keep the digger in the greenhouse or in a dry area to avoid rusting.

These are just a few of the supplies you will need to create your year round self-reliant garden landscape. If you have questions or you have a specific landscape design in mind, contact your local nursery or landscape professional, like Silverdale Sand & Soil Pty Ltd

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